Some Types of Services Offered

Immediate Cremation

This service is the most economical and consists mainly of the funeral home making the removal of the deceased from the place of death and transporting them back to the funeral home for final identification and to hold the remains until the arrangements can be finalized whereupon the deceased is taken to the crematorium. The cremated remains are either interred in a cemetery, a columbarium, temporarily stored at the funeral home or given back to the family.

Graveside Funeral Service

This is another version of an “immediate needs” type service and is another very economical way which provides for a burial for those who do not like the idea of cremation yet is simplistic yet dignified. It consists of the funeral home making the removal of the deceased from the place of death and transporting them back to the funeral home for final identification and finalization of arrangements and for a “private family viewing” if desired by the family whereupon the deceased is taken by the funeral home to the cemetery of family’s choice for a graveside interment service which may be attended by family and friends and conducted by the Funeral Home Celebrant or by a member of the Clergy of the family’s choosing.

Immediate Cremation with Memorial Service

This is becoming a more popular choice by many families which gives the flexibility of cremation yet offers the same opportunities to pay tribute to the deceased as a traditional funeral would offer, but yet being less costly. This service is for the most part similar to the “Immediate Cremation Service” but more comprehensive in detail as the funeral service is much the same as a Traditional Funeral whereas there is a formal gathering in a church, hall or funeral home chapel, a memorial book for guests to sign, memorial cards are offered in memory of the deceased, charitable donations are accepted, a memorial luncheon may be part of the services and even the interment of the cremated remains is done in a similar fashion to that of a Traditional Funeral Service in a cemetery or columbarium.

Cremation with Traditional Funeral Service

This is a “Traditional Funeral” in most respects in that the remains is fully prepared and casketed in either a rental casket or a casket which will be cremated with the deceased. The services are held in a church, hall or funeral home chapel with the deceased being taken to the crematorium instead of the cemetery for disposition.

Traditional Funeral Service

This is the most common type of funeral service in North America where the deceased is prepared, dressed, cosmetized, casketed and taken to a church, hall, or funeral home chapel for the funeral services which are conducted by a cleric or celebrant. The deceased is then taken to a cemetery for interment in a grave. This service offers the most options yet does tend to be one of the most costly.

Shipping Remains to another Funeral Home

When final burial is to take place in another province in Canada or another country we can arrange for preparation of the deceased according to law and the documentation to accompany the deceased for burial. We also arrange for the transportation by common carrier (if necessary) and the receiving of the deceased by another funeral provider.

Receiving Remains from another Funeral Home

When a loved one dies in another province in Canada or another country and the desire is for their remains to be repatriated back to the Yorkton district for burial we can arrange for another funeral provider to follow our instructions to have them repatriated in order for local funeral arrangements to be completed.


Although this service is very rare, we can arrange and complete all the necessary steps and procedures required under law to have a casketed remains or an urn disinterred from any cemetery and re-interred in another cemetery of the family’s choice.

Funeral Invoice:

The final invoice will be made up of two parts:

(I) The charges for the goods and services supplied by the Funeral Service and its professional management.
(II) The fees paid by the Funeral Director on your behalf to outside organizations such as cemetery, crematorium, minister, church, florist, caterer and newspapers. You will be given a written estimate of all these charges in advance of the funeral. If you are unsure of any of the items please do not hesitate to ask your Funeral Director to explain.

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