Recent comments from families Kopan’s has served:

"There are a lot of details to look after when a loved one passes away. Years ago, our parents (George and Mary Lupichuk) demonstrated their thoughtfulness for our family when they made arrangements in advance at Kopan’s and put a Purple Shield funeral plan in place. Recently, when our dad passed away, our stress was eased because everything was there for us – his wishes and funding to cover funeral costs. His plan allowed us to be together as a family rather than worrying about all the decisions. Kopan’s handled everything very well."

– On behalf of the George Lupichuk family – Kim Lupichuk, Regina, SK

"When dad passed away I realized just how helpful my parents (Henry and Madeline Yaremko) had been to pre-plan and give direction to our family. The effort they made to meet with Jason years earlier removed a great deal of stress when the time came. Since then, I and many of my extended family members have also done a Purple Shield plan."

– Violet Woychesko, Yorkton, SK

"We had thought about it for years and then finally took action to put our funeral wishes and financial arrangements in place. Jason was so helpful in taking the time to answer all our questions. When I phoned my daughters to tell them we had done this, they told me we had taken a load off their shoulders. They are very thankful."

– Dorothy Skene, Yorkton, SK

"Doing a Purple Shield funeral plan was a fairly simple process and it is a great relief for me to know my wishes are in place and costs are taken care of. I appreciated the financial flexibility in doing the instalment plan. Everyone should take a look at doing this for their family."

– Lawrence Lang, Yorkton, SK

"I really did not know where to begin. When I sat down with Jason I was relieved to learn my dad had pre-planned arrangements, as I did not know what his wishes were. Dad’s plan (Mike Kucheran) took a lot of strain off me. Much earlier, dad had mentioned he had things in place but I really did not realize the benefit until the time came. Everything was set up with Kopan’s and we just had to confirm the details. I was very grateful."

– Ken Kucheran, Regina, SK

"I learned about the Purple Shield funeral plan because my neighbours had it. Their kids thought it was a valuable resource to have when their parents passed away. I did a Purple Shield plan because I want things ready for my family. I know having the plan will make it easier on them."

– Alice Light, Yorkton, SK

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